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Help elderlies and children

The paradise island is suffering. Covid-19 wreaks havoc on Bali's tourism industry. Over 6 million foreigners fly to Bali each year in search of beaches, rice fields, culture and temples. The sudden drop in tourism beginning in April 2020 has driven at least 150,000 people below the poverty line. As residents of Bali, we see people suffering each and every day that the global pandemic persists, We are here to help, but we can only help as much as we can afford to. We need your help to help those affected. 


HopeForBali is known locally through an Instagram movement: @20ribuuntuk2020 (which means Rp.20,000 for 2020). We started in April 2020 by asking friends and colleagues to donate Rp. 20.000 (US$1.36 or AU$1.90) to buy food for the elderly and children currently living on the streets. Initially we thought it would be a temporary activity, but now we can't seem to stop! The number of people needing our help (and YOUR help) is climbing fast!

  1. In October 2020, we founded a charitable foundation : Yayasan Hope For Bali

  2. We set up this website,, to raise awareness for this problem

  3. Now we are hoping for your kindness and generosity to provide relief to those that need it the most.


Your generous donation can help us keep supporting vulnerable and elderly residents of Bali who have been adversely affected by Covid-19. This unprecedented crisis for Bali’s tourism industry (its main economic driver) has left far too many people struggling to meet their most basic needs.  


Your donation to can, and will, make a difference.


Grace Natalia is a Jakarta-born housewife who runs a small business in sporting garment, and a mother of 9-years old boy. She got her calling after seeing a lot of elderly people on the streets of Bali while driving around the island during early days of Covid. Grace feels that she must do something to ease their burdens, mainly elderly people who live alone in slumps.

Instagram : @gracenatalia85



Indri moved to Bali after getting married to a food processing Balinese businessman. A mother of one boy and a full time housewife, while she also run her own business in food industry. She believes that anyone has more should help others. Her heart is disturbed seeing many people can no longer achieve the lowest living standard because of Covid-19. 

Instagram : @indrianajustian



Gung Dian has been giving long before the other partners. She involves in taking care disabled children while busy with her own 3 children. She runs her own business, a nail art and spa, she also helps manage her family business, Pertiwi Hotel in Ubud. She is very passionate about helping the needy, easing people's burdens, and giving hope to them who have given up.  

Instagram : @gungdianindraswari



Karina is an instragram influencer who is married to a prominent Balinese doctor. While very busy with 3 children (and 3 dogs), she is active as a director of a music school, LPM Farabi Bali. She's hurt seeing old people live in very poor condition, they live alone with no job & no pension, depend on the mercy of their neighbours. Karina promises that she would help!

Instagram : @karinasuryaandari

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Volunteer & Fundraiser

Being part of an organization that help children is my passion. My dream is to see a world where no children suffer. What I am doing will not make my dream come true, but I am helping some and some will see better world.




I worked in Bali for over 10 years now. When my friends ask me to contribute, I give my time to people who needs help. I am ready to go anywhere in Bali to deliver food and bring hope to others. 




I live with my toddler boy, I got impacted painfully by covid-19 shutdowns but I don't give up. I see a lot of people out there need help. My job is to find elderly community who live alone and to visit them and give them food staple.




For the past 25 years I have lived and worked in Asia, primarily in mobile phone and internet related businesses. I am currently CEO at a company in Singapore. When Covid-19 started my amazing wife and son moved to our new house in Ubud. Bali means so much to our family and seeing how the pandemic has devastated the economy and put such hardship on peoples’ lives is heartbreaking. Being part of this great initiative to support those in need in Bali is a privilege.




is a restaurant and technology entrepreneur with 25 years experience in designing, building and operating successful restaurants and hospitality-related technology platforms. As a partner in Scottsdale, Arizona-based Dormie Restaurant Group, he conceptualized, launched and operated 7 hospitality concepts including restaurants, night clubs, and a corporate jet catering business. As an operating partner of Blue Plate Restaurant Group, he launched and operated Blue Plate Oysterette and Blue Plate Taco, 2 of Santa Monica’s most successful restaurant concepts. As the Founder and CEO of Avalon Restaurant Operating System, he built and sold an entire technology platform for restaurant operations before launching Cinq Local, a consumer relationship platform that launched in Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently Salvador is the Chief Operating Officer of Eastern Standard Provisions, a Boston based gourmet food company.

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