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Happy People

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Balinese are happy people. For generations they open their arms to welcome people from all over the world with smiling face. They treat strangers like old friends, they invite people to their homes and are very proud with their humility. They live a very simple life.

Life for these people are not easy, most of them don’t have income, some live alone, many depends on their neighbors for a living.

A woman received a bag of staple food, happy faces in turbulence time.

Mr. Peter, 70 yo+ from Maumere, shows happy face. He lives in Bali supported by neighbors.

Afterwork : Mrs Puji, 70 yo+, works as a porter in a wet market in Denpasar.

Iluh Chintya, almost 3yo, a street vendor daughter who follows mom go to work everyday.

Mr Agus lives alone after his wife passed away a few months ago (2020).

She said she’s at least 80yo, originally from Malang, currently helps neighbor sell crackers for a living.

Mrs. Kucing (cat) lives with 5 street cats in a very poor housing district.

A happy bali street dog enjoying beach life.

Our valunteers happily help others. Cheers.

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